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Goldsmith’s store Liuzzo Gioielli


Our story

Liuzzo Gioielli in Turin, is a company founded in 1982 by Filippo and Vita. This company has succeeded over time in creating a professional image of itself, thanks to its work experience and its commitment in this sector.
Moreover, the welcoming atmosphere and a top-qualified team complete this winning picture.
The company is built on a commitment to excellence; at Liuzzo Gioelli we see jewellery as an art, providing our customers special and unique products.
Our goldsmiths adhere to the same philosophy: creating wonderful jewellery pieces that will last forever.

Every creation we make is a way to communicate emotions to the world: curves, glints and inlays are not only a way to sculpt jewellery, but also a way to transmit art and passion to the world and in particular to our customers.
Over time, Liuzzo Gioielli has heavily invested in this sector: the passion for luxury has allowed to perpetuate this activity and consolidate a long-lasting manufacturing reality both on national and international markets.

Over time, the attention to detail have met the influences of the new generation; in fact, Filippo and Vita’s sons Alessandro, Massimiliano and Federica give the collection new life, becoming the company’s cornerstone.

Travel, sports and music lovers: the new aspirations of Alessandro, Massimiliano and Federica have given a stylistic and technological innovation in the creation of wonderful jewels, which today represent the company's success.

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