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Jewellery in Turin


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The skeleton supports our limbs, it gives us shape and identifies our being.
Alternative and bold, our seductive jewels are real symbols of rebellion.

mille fili ceramica

Mille Fili Ceramica

Smooth and sinuous ceramics surfaces touch the skin.
Elegant and charming shapes enrich your body with innovative jewels: crafting wearable works of art.
Our creations are the result of a continuous study of the most innovative shapes and solutions, in order to give an excellent accent to a perfect outfit.
mille fili oro

Mille Fili Oro

Delicacy, sensuality, glitter and brilliance will envelop your skin: this is the elegance of Mille Fili Oro.
Our goldsmiths create beautiful, gold jewellery pieces that will last you a lifetime, in order to rediscover the pleasure of wearing a bracelet, ring or pendant and feel more beautiful.

anello sail


The wind has shaped elegance.
Class and savoir faire are enclosed in a jewel, assembled with precise canons of construction quality and high engineering.
We specialise in providing one-of-kind pieces of wearable art, in order to complement any fashion statement.

anello texuture


Craftsmanship and advanced design takes the future into everyone’s hands.
The Texture collection offers high quality handmade jewellery and a playful succession of shapes that lead to the future.
“Texture" surfaces are made thanks to a complex parametric process, which creates original and delightful surfaces.

vetrina gioielli


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